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BoilerMake is an awesome hackathon that brings over 500 hackers from across the country under one roof for one incredible weekend, with a retro twist. As a team, our mission is to empower each and every hacker to build anything that they can imagine, and we’ll pull out all the stops to make sure that their dreams become reality. We find happiness in knowing that every hacker will walk out of our doors with memories that will last a lifetime. Look out for a weekend full of learning, hacking, tech talks, and tons of caffeine

We are located at Purdue University, in the CoRec center just like last year. If you’re interested in a schedule and more event details, check out!

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$5,500 in prizes

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2nd place as chosen by the BoilerMake Team

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3rd place as chosen by the BoilerMake Team

Clarity Partners: Police Dispatch Performance Software and Data Analytics


Police agencies for large metropolitan areas have thousands of cars, foot patrols, bicycle patrols, and even helicopters and boats operating in the city at any given time. These police units should always be engaged in patrol missions, responding to 911 calls, or engaging with the community. The police units are in constant communication with dispatchers by radio and through computer aided dispatch (CAD) software in their cars and smart phones. The dispatchers assign police units to 911 calls and other events, and track police unit availability as they report in with their activity. Each day, this tracking and dispatch activity generates hundreds of thousands of data records that individually can reflect the activities of a single officer or combined can reflect the productivity of the whole department and the ebb and flow of crime throughout the city.

While modern computer aided dispatch (CAD) software offerings in the marketplace are well suited for real-time dispatching and tracking of minute details, they do a surprisingly poor job of allowing commanders to recognize trends and understand the overall productivity of the officers under their command. By tapping into the data collected by CAD systems, an enterprising software developer or data analyst can provide new technology-driven management and analysis capabilities for police commanders or for members of the public seeking police accountability.

Leverage either the provided API or bulk data download of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) data and come up with a new software tool that would be useful to large metropolitan police agencies. You can build one or more of the following suggestions or come up with your own innovation:
Option 1 - As a proof-of-concept, develop a rich UI using a JavaScript library to make an interactive timeline that shows the minute-by-minute activity of a selected police unit. This component is valuable by itself for supervisors reviewing officer activity, but can also be used as an interface for drilling down into the details from a higher level report as in Option 2.

Option 2 - As a proof-of-concept, develop a business intelligence dashboard or report interface that allows users to view and interact with data at a summary level to show the types of 911 calls received, the ebb and flow of call volume, the relative availability of police, the overall ability of police to meet the calls for service from citizens and response time.

Option 3 - Demonstrate how the data can be statistically analyzed to reveal which officers are more productive than others in terms of time spent on calls, number of calls handled, and time spent unproductively. Demonstrate how the data can be used to rank officers among their peers for productivity and highlight the outliers.

Option 4 - Demonstrate how predictive analytics can use past call patterns to predict future call demands or to predict instances when there are not enough police to respond to high priority incoming calls.

Option 5 – Come up with your own innovation that would support police management and accountability.

Mixmax: The Best use of the Mixmax API

Win some sweet Lego sets for the best use of Mixmax API. Example: For documentation, check out

Best use of MongoDB

$50 Amazon gift cards to each team member for the best use of MongoDB.

Rockwell Collins: Best use of Communication over Different Devices

Best use of Communication over Different Devices: win one drone per team member!

Liberty Mutual API Prize (2)

We are excited to offer a Liberty Mutual tech challenge where the winning team will win $800 (4 $200 gift cards). Our challenge to you is to develop an idea that helps people live safer, more secure lives. You may leverage our Shine API, which incorporates Liberty Mutual data, insurance core competencies, and city infrastructure data to help customers live a life without worry. Featured services include Total Home Score, Vehicle Thefts, Vehicle stats, and Parking Rules. . Bonus points will be awarded for good development practices and/or best use of the API (use of API is not required). Hear more about this challenge and meet our team during tonight’s Opening Ceremonies. We will be available throughout the hackathon, so stop by our booth to learn about intern and full time opportunities, ask questions, drop off resumes, or pick up some swag, snacks, and drinks.

Capital One: Best Financial Hack

Capital One: Best Financial Hack:

$250 Amazon Gift Card for Each Member of our Winning Team

Amazon Web Services - Best Use of AWS

$250 Amazon Web Services Credit

Best IoT Hack Using a Qualcomm Device

410C Dragonboard for each team member

Best Domain Name Registered from

Raspberry Pi & PiHut Essential Kit

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